Farmers Branch Municipal Court

Farmers Branch Municipal Court

Representing yourself in Farmers Branch Municipal Court is referred to as being “pro se.”  Pro se is latin for “personally.”  You appear personally in court without the assistance of counsel.  If you choose to represent yourself, you must understand from the beginning that you are at a huge disadvantage.  Court clerks, Prosecutors and even Judges can tell you anything they want and make it sound like it is the law.  It will be your responsibility to be a quick study and understand basic constitutional and state law principles so that you provide yourself with a descent defense.  In any case, we do not recommend representing yourself without the assistance of an experienced Farmers Branch Ticket Lawyer.  If you choose to represent yourself be prepared for a negative outcome as a result.  Here are some tips that may keep your case on the right track as you go it alone.  At any time, if decide to hire counsel, we would welcome the opportunity to assist you.

APPEARING IN COURT:  Every Farmers Branch traffic ticket has an “appearance date” on it.  This is the time you have to contact the court, in person, to inform the court how you would like to proceed.  Do not miss this date.  If you do, a warrant will be issued for your arrest.

PLEADING YOUR CASE:  You have three choices on how to “plea” your case.  The three choices are (1) Guilty (2) Not Guilty (3) No Contest.  If you want an opportunity to talk with the prosecutor and/or judge about your case you will need to plead “Not Guilty.”  Any plea other than this will waive your right to dispute your case.

PRE-TRIAL HEARINGS:  Once you enter your plea you will be rescheduled to come back again to talk with the prosecutor about your case.  This is not your trial date, so don’t act like it.  The prosecutor is not your friend either.  They are not there to help you.  They are not there to explain the law to you.  They are there to represent the State of Texas and The City of Farmers Branch who is accusing you of breaking the law.  Share information sparingly.  Discuss the best offer they have to resolve the case.  Also, this is the time you will need to file any and all motions for discovery, evidence, dismissal requests, etc.  If you do not file your motions at this setting you may waive your right to argue certain points later in the case.

Farmers Branch Traffic Ticket Attorney

Farmers Branch Traffic Ticket Attorney

TRIAL SETTINGS:  Always choose to have your trial heard by a Farmers Branch jury.  Judges are becoming more and more biased towards favoring the Cities they work for and less inclined to dismiss cases they should.  Avoid this issue by allowing a jury to hear your case.  Be prepared to question the jury panel so as to get an idea of the 6 people you would like to hear your case.  Questioning the jury panel is a great honor, so take it seriously.  These people have taken a day off work to hear your case.  Dress appropriately and be thankful for their time.

TRIAL OUTCOME:  Always prepare for worst-case-scenario.  Have $200.00 plus costs of court (normally $150.00).  If you win at trial you will not owe anything.  If you lose, the judge could require that the money be paid immediately.

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