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Many times when our Farmers Branch ticket attorneys are hired to defend traffic tickets in Farmers Branch Municipal Court people have questions about the policies and procedures of the Court.  Some of these questions over the years have been in reference to possibly appealing a case out of Farmers Branch Municipal Court when a negative outcome has been issued by a judge in that court.  This article is intended to describe the appeal process in Farmers Branch Municipal Court for traffic tickets issued out of Farmers Branch, Texas.  If you would like to find a ticket attorney in Farmers Branch after reading this article, feel free to contact us at 214-321-4105.

Find A Ticket Attorney In Farmers Branch

Find A Ticket Attorney In Farmers Branch

Farmers Branch Municipal Court And Courts Of Record

There are two different types of courts in Texas that have jurisdiction over traffic tickets.  One type is a court of non-record.  These types of courts do not have the ability to create a record of testimony or evidence submitted at trial.  When you try the case in these types of courts the trial is not recorded in any way.  These types of courts can be appealed out of based on this fact.  When you appeal a traffic ticket out of this type of court it goes to the county court at law for the county that the court is located.  At that point, the county court can then create a record of all evidence and testimony so that a proper appeal can be had if necessary.

The other type of court is a court of record.  Many municipal courts across North Texas have become courts of record over the years.  Farmers Branch Municipal Court is a court of record.  That means they have the ability to record evidence and testimony.  This means you will not be able to appeal your traffic ticket out of this court to Dallas County Court Of Appeals.  It also means that the only reason you would be able to appeal the case is after a full trial.  It makes it much more difficult to appeal pragmatically.

In either situation, there are tactical reasons for appealing cases out of non-courts of record that are not discussed in this article.  Some of the reasons why a Farmers Branch traffic ticket attorney would choose to appeal a case are to get into a more “friendly” court to get you a better deal.  Other reasons may be based on the ability of a county court to report the violation listed in the traffic ticket.  It is always best to discuss all of these options with your Farmers Branch traffic ticket lawyer.

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The bottom line is that the practice of law is very technical and experience counts especially when your driving privileges are at stake.  Take the time to discuss your particular case with a Farmers Branch ticket attorney.  It could be the difference between a successful result and one that could end up suspending your driver license.  Call our ticket attorneys in Farmers Branch today at 214-321-4105.