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The search for a lawyer to help with the process of getting a ticket handled can be exhausting. Price, success rate, location, accessibility, and benefits tend to be the leading concerns for finding attorneys that handling tickets in Farmers Branch. Providing access to lawyers to fight traffic tickets in Farmers Branch is only a sliver of benefits we provide for our potential and current clients. When it comes to fighting tickets in Farmers Branch we pride ourselves in ensuring long term benefits rather than “right now pricing” and encourage our clientele to do the same.  If you are not sure that you should go with us, take a look around and find what is going to be the best match for you. If you are ready to discuss your Farmers Branch citation with an experienced legal team then give us a call today at 214-321-4105 to get started.

Initial Appearance Date In Farmers Branch

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Every ticket issued out of Farmers Branch will have a court date issued to it. Appearance dates are often skipped over when the ticket is glanced at after being issued. There is often the feeling that not being told about it directly should excuse any lateness that comes from missing the deadline. Given that your signature is on the citation, however, will not grant anyone any leeway. Farmers Branch Municipal Court has thought ahead of the possibility of citations being misplaced that they have created a user friendly website to track both current and past traffic violations. The information given includes the date, time, offense, amount owed, and the appearance date. If you are having trouble viewing that information, give us a call at 214-321-4105 and a member from our staff will be happy to go over that information with you.

What To Do For Initial Appearance In Farmers Branch

The initial appearance is not the usually the time to address your citation in depth rather your first attempt at resolving your case. There are those that decide to try this on their own first and then contact our office to see if anything better can be attained. While there is nothing condemning this practice we tend to encourage our clients to let us take it from the beginning. Time is money and there is no reason why you should spend yours waiting in lines and being rushed to make a decision only to later spend money on an attorney to go do it again. Trust that our goal is to obtain a favorable outcome that is discussed with you during the intake process.

If you are cutting it close to the deadline and need to have matters expedited we will do our best to contact the court immediately to let them know that we are handling the case so they may move it to the next available attorney docket. Be advised that Farmers Branch issues a failure to appear citation within minutes of missing your scheduled initial appearance time frame. Should this happen, there is no guarantee that anything can be done about the subsequent violation but our focus will next be to avoid having a warrant be issued against you. Read this previous blog if you would like more information regarding warrants in Farmers Branch,

Avoid spending your own time in Farmers Branch and let us take the case from the beginning. You can always visit the Farmers Branch Municipal Court citation search website if you need to look up the information. If you are ready to talk about your case with a member from our bilingual staff today, give us a call at 214-321-4105.