How To Successfully Lift A Warrant In Farmers Branch Municipal Court

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Getting Warrants Lifted Right

Lawyer For Warrants In Farmers Branch Tx

Attorney For Warrants In Farmers Branch Tx


There are many different issues that arise when it comes to getting warrants lifted the right way in Farmers Branch, Texas.  It takes an attorney that understands the consequences of doing the job wrong to help a client truly understand what is at stake.  This article is intended to help potential clients understand what you need to know when it comes to getting a Farmers Branch, Texas warrant lifted.  Also, after the warrant is lifted, what it takes to protect a person’s permanent criminal record.  If you would like to talk to one of our staff members about warrants in Farmers Branch after reading this article, click here.

Finding The Warrant

First, to get started you are going to need to know some basic information about your warrants or outstanding tickets.  Do you know where to find that?  The best way to find out about your cases is to look online.  The link to check your case status in Farmers Branch Municipal Court is by clicking the link below:

Lifting The Warrant

Farmers Branch Lawyer For Warrants

Get A Warrant Lifted In Farmers Branch

Getting the warrant lifted the right way is crucial.  In many cases, a person simply says, “I don’t want to pay a lawyer to help me,” and instead they simply go down to the Farmers Branch Municipal Court window and pay the tickets off.  The problem with this is that by paying your fines at the window, they automatically become convictions on your permanent record.  So if this mistake is made, when do the convictions come off that person’s record?  The answer is never!  That conviction will remain there forever.

So how do you get the warrant lifted right and protect your record at the same time?  Well, the easy answer is that a lawyer is going to have to step in in most cases.  The reason why is because a lawyer posts what is called a surety bond.  This bond is a promise between the lawyer and the court to show up to all future court dates.  In exchange for this promise, Farmers Branch Municipal Court agrees to lift the warrant.  However, during the process, the court does not enter a conviction against you.  This is the key.  No conviction, and the warrant is lifted causing no permanent harm to you.  That distinction can be the difference between the loss of employment, surcharges or a suspended license.


Once The Warrant Is Lifted

Lawyer In Farmers Branch For Warrants

Farmers Branch Lawyer For Warrants In Farmers Branch

After the warrant is lifted, the attorney begins working with the prosecutor to protect your record.  Many think that if an attorney is hired and the warrant is lifted that the case is over.  This is not true.  This is also why many state that they don’t need an attorney in Farmers Branch for warrants.  This is what we call being “penny wise and pound foolish.”

Hiring a lawyer does not make the cases magically disappear.  Sometimes it is true that cases are dismissed.  When that happens it is a great bonus.  But the lawyer is there to push reset on your case.  Resetting the case to the beginning when you first got the ticket.  It is as if you never missed a court date at all.  The ticket still exists, but you now get to start over and handle it properly.  This reset is crucial in protecting your record.  Without an attorney resetting your case to the beginning you get no option to negotiate a deal with the prosecutor to not have the case reported to your permanent record.

Hiring A Lawyer

If you choose to hire a lawyer, you need to understand that it is a joint effort between you and the attorney in Farmers Branch for your tickets.  Make sure you do not fall off the face of the earth after hiring the lawyer.  They will need your assistance throughout the entire process to make sure that they get the best possible deal to protect your record.  Communication is key.  Make sure you have a lawyer for your tickets in Farmers Branch you can trust and you enjoy working with.  If you would like to discuss your tickets in Farmers Branch with our ticket attorneys call us today.