Lawyers That Defend Driver License Suspensions

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If you have been sent a letter for a driver license suspension, you need to act quickly.  The letter sets out specific time requirements to respond and object to the driver license suspension in Texas.  If you miss these important deadlines, your license will be suspended without the opportunity to be heard on the matter.  This article is intended to help those that are dealing with driver license suspension issues in North Texas.  If you would like to discuss your case with a driver license suspension lawyer, feel free to contact us at 214-321-4105 after reading this article.

Attorneys That Defend Driver License Suspensions

Attorneys That Defend Driver License Suspensions

The Notice Of Enforcement Action – Intent To Suspend A Driver License By DPS

The notice of enforcement action letter is the letter that a person receives after DPS has determined that the driving privileges of that person should be revoked, suspended or declared invalid.  The official statement from DPS on notice of enforcement actions is as follows:

  • Notification of Enforcement Action

    A letter is mailed to an individual’s permanent address when an enforcement action will be taken against their driver license or driving privilege. If the address DPS has on record is not current and the driver license is suspended, cancelled, denied or disqualified, then the individual will not receive the information regarding the enforcement action. Even if an individual fails to receive the notification, the enforcement action is still applied.

This is why you want to make sure your address is correct with DPS to make sure that any action it intends to take against you can be fought.  To update your address with DPS click this link.

Attorneys That Defend Driver License Suspensions

When you have an issue related to a driver license suspension, you need to take it seriously.  It is not the time to stick your head in the sand and ignore the problem.  Driver license suspensions can cause many more criminal and civil problems than just the suspension of the driving privileges.  People get arrested every day across Texas for driving on a suspended license.  Further, every time a conviction occurs it causes civil penalties that can total more than $2000.00 per conviction reported to DPS.  The cost is too great to ignore it.  Take the time to contact a driver license suspension defense lawyer in your area.  To contact our attorneys that defend driver license suspensions, call 214-321-4105.